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Doug Decker - Guitar & Vocal Classic Rock - Original Songs - Instrumentals

Quality  Live Music for special occasions

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Scalable performances --  Festival grass to living room rug.

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Contact: Decker Music          916-335-8972


Need some Pro Music for your event? Doug Decker 's been singing and playing guitar at Northern California events for more than 20 years, delivering his rock/pop/blues adaptations and innovative originals with plenty of good humor, and inspired playing.

Any size venue - variable styles.

Customized performances for whatever your needs.   We can accommodate most any musical situation because we're able to 'scale' the act accordingly. From fully electrified Rock foursome to Pub Trio with hand percussion, right on down to solo instrumental guitar... OR any combination in-between.

Planning a Party?

Who needs another teen-angst thrash band?  Our Pub Band trio is rockin', good-time, danceable fun for grownups.  We don't even need electricity for small crowds!  A fresh idea and a real hot time -- for company parties, backyard barbecues or community fairs, the Doug Decker Pub Band is hard to beat. For larger events, or if you just dig a bigger ROCK Beat, the Doug Decker Rock Band features a full Drum kit, Solid Bass & Electric guitars to satisfy your Rock 'n' Roll heart.


Weddings - a specialty.

Give the organist the day off!  Rich-sounding 12-string guitar instrumentals are perfectly suited to the occasion. Performances are customized just for you.


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