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Doug Decker - Guitar & Vocal Classic Rock - Original Songs - Instrumentals

The Pub Band

 Keep it Simple!

The Doug Decker Pub Band is  just... plain... FUN.  The same primo blend of rock classics and originals, but with acoustic bass, hand drums and harmonies added for a good-time, danceable groove.  No eardrum damage, no massive drum kits, no monster amps  hogging up your partyspace -- just good  handmade  music thru a clean sound system.

Special event coming up?  Want to do something a little different and very cool?  This 3-piece is just the ticket for company parties, anniversaries, whatever.  You & your buds will dig the fat rhythms, the tasty arrangements... and of course, the pure soul-satisfaction that comes from watching good players enjoying their craft.

LIVE music for LIVE people.   Hey, this is no fern-bar, muzak, zombie-fest.   We're whackin' out genuine American butt-shakin' Rock'n'Roll here -- plenty of righteous groove and positive vibe to get your festivities off the launch pad NOW.   When you've heard enough of  the angry suburban kids, check us out and feel the difference.   Forget nostalgia... these are the tunes you know served up a whole new way, with some fresh surprises thrown in for spice.

Small get-together? Outdoor getaways? No problemo!  We'll rock your living room without even plugging in.   Forget the mikes and P.A., and save some bucks.  Our axes are  wood, metal & hide.  We can  do a  picnic, beach party, campout... doesn't matter!

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